Healthy Eating & Diet for Optimum Gut Health

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Healthy Eating & Diet for Optimum Gut Health

1. Plant Based Foods

Incorporate 30 different plant foods each week – variety is key for gut health. Plant foods include any fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses, nuts and seeds.

2. Spread Protein Intake

Spread your protein intake out across the day – all meals and snacks should contain some protein. We’re not able to process more than 30g in a meal so any extra goes to waste and can damage our microbiome.

3. Fibre from Carbohydrates

Include fibre from carbohydrates – when we eat a variety of different carbohydrate sources (i.e. pasta, bread, rice and quinoa), we get a different variety of fibre than we do from fruit and vegetables. Fruit is not considered a carbohydrate.

4. Small Regular Meals

Small regular meals (including morning and afternoon tea) have more benefits than just being delicious – they improve digestion, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, stabilise our mood, help prevent cravings, and maintain energy levels across the day.

5. Exercise You Enjoy

The best exercise is the one you enjoy – regular exercise is great for digestion and our mental health.

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