The Benefits of Physiotherapy Group Exercise Class


The Benefits of Physiotherapy Group Exercise Class

What is a physio group exercise class?

A physio group exercise class is a small exercise class (maximum 4 people) led by one of our experienced physiotherapists. Each participant is completing their own individualised exercise program for the class. Exercise selection will be completed in an evidence-based manner, using a combination of clinical Pilates, strength & conditioning, mobility and balance exercises. At the beginning of each session, the physiotherapist will check in on how you are feeling that day and will tailor the class to your needs. The goal of each class is to address any assessment findings in a safe and challenging manner. Physio group exercise classes are the gold-standard in exercise rehabilitation care and use an evidence-based clinical approach which is individualised and specific to each client. The class duration is 45 minutes and a physiotherapist will be present at all times during the class.

Who are these classes best suited for?

These classes are ideal for clients with injuries or in pain or athletes aiming to improve performance through specific strength, motor control or biomechanical change.  We tend to see a large diversity of clients attending these classes from new mother`s wanting to get back to exercise safely, runners with a new PB goal, older adults aiming to prevent falls and improve their balance, adolescents wanting to improve posture and office workers striving to get on top of neck and back pain. Physio group exercise classes can also be a great post-operative tool and we work in collaboration with orthopaedic specialists and physicians to begin your rehabilitation. Exercise rehabilitation is integral to achieve best outcomes following all orthopaedic surgery, especially following joint replacement surgery.

What is the benefit of physio-led group exercise classes?

Physio-led group exercise classes are an evidence-based approach to clinic exercise and have been proven to improve many areas including:

  • Muscle endurance, strength and power
  • Specific post-operative rehabilitation
  • Return to sport following injury
  • Chronic back and neck pain management
  • Performance enhancement in sports and activity
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care
  • Balance and falls prevention
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Running speed and endurance
  • Postural correction and core stability
  • Symptom management for chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, EDS
  • Management or prevention of osteoporosis through improving bone mineral density

How do I begin a physio group exercise class?

Each client begins their group exercise journey with a 1:1 physiotherapy exercise assessment with one of our experienced physiotherapists. During an exercise assessment, our physiotherapist will initially guide you through an interview to gather all information about past or current injuries as well as your activity/ exercise goals. The physiotherapist will then conduct a physical assessment, which may consist of assessments to examine posture, strength, balance, mobility and bio-mechanics. A detailed exercise plan will then be developed. You will then complete two further 1:1 sessions with the physiotherapist. The aim of these session will be to introduce you to the studio space and equipment so that you are comfortable and safe joining a class. If you do not feel comfortable joining a class, you may continue with 1:1 exercises sessions with our physiotherapist.

Who runs the physio group exercise classes?

One of our experienced physiotherapists will take you through your initial exercise assessment and guide you through your exercise class. Our physiotherapists have undergone extra training in clinical Pilates and exercise rehabilitation to help develop evidence-based approach to exercise training. We are passionate that all clients get the most from each session, so please ask your physio any questions or if you feel uncomfortable at any stage let your physio know.

Are classes claimable with my private health?

Yes, your initial 1:1 exercise sessions and physio-led group exercise classes are claimable with your private health insurance cover. Each private health insurance cover provides different rebates for the service and we advise contacting your private health insurer to find out how much your rebate will be. The item code for the group class is 560, initial assessment code is 500 and follow up 1:1 session code is 505.

At Balance North we continue to assess your progress and outcome measures which keeps you compliant with private health insurance funds and ensures that you are eligible to claim rebates.

We run regular physio-led group exercise classes in our light-filled open plan studio. Please contact a friendly member of our Balance North staff or book your initial physiotherapy exercise assessment to get via our website to get started.

If you are unsure if physio-led group exercise classes are suitable for you, please reach out and contact us by phone or email and one of our physiotherapists will talk to you over the phone prior to booking.

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